Global Markets

The Goldman Sachs Global Markets Division is comprised of Equities Products, and Fixed Income, Currency and Commodities.

We service institutional clients who manage large portfolios of Australian and New Zealand equities; we work with the financial instruments used to trade debt, currency and commodities.

We have developed a strong reputation based on the quality of research we provide, and our active role in the day-to-day dealings of the Australasian share markets.

As one of the largest participants in the institutional trading market, we work closely with our Corporate team to offer some of the best stock placement, underwriting, sub-underwriting and lending opportunities. With support from the broader Goldman Sachs Group, we offer global account and research coverage 24 hours a day.

We are also at the forefront of worldwide markets in interest rate securities, credit products, foreign exchange and commodities, dealing in both physical securities as well as derivative markets.

Along with offering sophisticated investment opportunities to the firm's private clients, we provide corporate clients with foreign exchange, interest rate and commodity risk management solutions. These client-specific strategies aim at protecting our clients from the uncertainty and financial risks that are inherent in operating in global markets.

The Global Markets Division works in conjunction with the Structured and Credit Capital Markets group to advise clients on domestic and offshore financing opportunities for acquisition and structured and general debt financing. The team also works closely with the Corporate Advisory team and is involved from the early concept stage right through to final execution of the activity, offering a broad range of financing solutions including bridge loans, bonds, convertible bonds and hybrid securities.