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Goldman Sachs commits people, capital and ideas to help our clients and the communities we serve to grow.

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In the wake of Katrina, people from around the world have joined forces with the City of New Orleans to rebuild its communities—not just the brick and mortar but also the cultural institutions, community organizations and local businesses that have made New Orleans a legendary destination for generations.

Ten years later, that work continues. At Goldman Sachs, we’re proud to play our part in supporting New Orleans’ ongoing resurgence. We’re encouraged by the progress the city has made so far, and we’re excited for the progress yet to come.

Exploring the map

This map shows the locations of Goldman Sachs initiatives and partner efforts, as well as some of the areas most affected by Katrina.

Use the toggle bar to highlight specific investments and to see the breadth of our programming.

Map Map Areas affected by Katrina 10,000 Businesses Participants Map Areas affected by Katrina 10,000 Businesses Participants

Making an impact across New Orleans

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Small Businesses 10,000 Small Businesses Participants
Areas Affected by Katrina

Job opportunities

America’s small businesses are the backbone of its economy. In New Orleans, we’ve focused our efforts on projects that create jobs and small businesses that want to grow, strengthening communities and the broader economy.

Net new jobs in the U.S. over the past 15 years

Net new jobs in the U.S. over the past 15 years

63 %
37 %
Source: U.S. Small Business Administration
Participating businesses in the New Orleans 10,000 Small Businesses Program

Participating businesses in the New Orleans
10,000 Small Businesses Program

250 M
69 %
5 K
44 %
3 X
47 %
Fresh Food & New Jobs

ReFresh Project

ReFresh Project set out to change the way people think about healthy food in a community that has been historically underserved. The project converted a previously abandoned building into a resource for a wide range of offerings related to health and nutrition, including locally-sourced produce and workforce education for at-risk youth, creating over 250 permanent jobs and over 300 construction jobs in the process.


Affordable Housing

Hurricane Katrina brought unprecedented devastation to the city of New Orleans—70% of the occupied housing in New Orleans was damaged by the storm.

Goldman Sachs has partnered with community leaders and local businesses to help the city rebuild. The Enterprise Louisiana Loan Fund facilitates construction and enables low- and moderate-income homebuyers to obtain mortgages. We have also partnered on two substantial housing and community development projects, bringing affordable, high-quality housing to some of the most severely impacted neighborhoods.

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Before Katrina over 70% of the students went to failing schools. Our goal is to do our small part in helping make New Orleans the first city in America where every kid goes to a good school.
Jay Altman, CEO of Firstline Schools
89 %
St. Bernard Parish Hospital
164 K
New Orleans Jazz Orchestra

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New Orleans Jazz Orchestra

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