Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Fellows

We are meeting a critical need: connecting historically underrepresented college students with small business owners to provide real-world experience for students and necessary talent for businesses. Building capacity, driving change, powering the future.

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Small businesses have long expressed the critical need for talent: workers with the fundamental skills to fuel their growth.

Historically underrepresented college students, in local communities across the country, are at the ready to meet that need.

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Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Fellows creates the unique opportunity for small businesses to address workforce needs with an underutilized talent pipeline.

On-the-job professional experience and networking opportunities will expand career pathways for college students.

Pilot Cities

  1. Baltimore, Maryland

    Baltimore harbor and skyline at night
  2. Cleveland, Ohio

    Cleveland skyline at twilight
  3. Dallas, Texas

    Dallas skyline in the middle of a sunny day
  4. New York City

    New York skyline with Empire State building as the focus on a sunny summer day
Map showing locations of Fellows programs - Dallas, Cleveland, Baltimore, and New York

In partnership with

  1. Community College of Baltimore County
  2. Morgan State University
  3. Dallas College
  4. LaGuardia Community College
  5. Cuyahoga Community College
  6. John Hopkins University
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The Participants

10,000 Small Businesses Alumni

Business woman working on a computer

49% of all alumni said they had difficulty meeting staffing needs for essential roles

Business owner in the window of a food truck

50% of all alumni said the most common obstacles to hiring were either finding applicants with the right skills or unpredictable cash flow

Small Businesses Across Industries

Top 8 industries among 10,000 Small Businesses Alumni

  1. 42% Professional Services
  2. 11% Accommodation & Food Services
  3. 8% Construction
  4. 8% Retail Trade
  5. 5% Healthcare & Social Assistance
  6. 3% Educational Services
  7. 5% Manufacturing
  8. 6% Information Technology

Fall 2021 10,000 Small Businesses Fellows

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56% of Fall 2021 10KSB Fellows are first-generation college students

Two young business women having a casual conversation

40% of Fall 2021 10KSB Fellows have no prior work experience in their chosen field of interest

Women around a boardroom table having a discussion.
  1. 39% Black/African-American
  2. 22% White
  3. 20% Asian
  4. 18% Mixed/Other

Areas of Interest

Percentage of total Fall 2021 10KSB Fellows who expressed interest in the following areas of work

  1. 51% Administration
  2. 45% Marketing
  3. 38% IT
  4. 29% Accounting
  5. 26% Sales
  6. 16% HR
  7. 16% Digital Transformation
  8. 15% Operations
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What They're Saying

“My company is understaffed so I need support with marketing, research and project management.”
“We’re really excited to get new perspectives that challenge ours.”
“I’m currently working in a bar to pay for school ... I’m always seeking to improve my skills through experience. I thrive to learn something new every day.”
“Being able to participate in this program will benefit me in the future workforce. As a full-time student, I will try my best to show my flexibility and time management skills to both school and work.”
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