Launch With GS
Entrepreneur Cohort

A customized experience that provides an
opportunity to access the best of Goldman Sachs – from
industry experts to influential networks – while building
relationships with investors during the evolving business landscape.

Meet Our 2022 Female Founder Cohort

Launch With GS’ second Cohort in EMEA features a group of five female-founded, early stage tech companies. The experience provides high-touch access and resources to the founders to fast-track their companies’ growth and build relationships with investors and industry experts.

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Meet Our 2022 Female Founder Cohort

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Cohort Highlights

1) Financial and Industry Expertise

Participate in customized 1-on-1 and sector-specific workshops with specialists across investment banking, research, leadership development and investing 


2) Influential Networks

Engage with the Launch With GS Advisory Council of leading investors, entrepreneurs and executives, in addition to Goldman Sachs’ network of Fortune 500 companies and investors  


3) Startup Resources

Meet with industry-leading startup experts for customized advice on topics ranging from financing and board management structure to growth and strategy


4) Engagement with Investors

Opportunity to showcase your business and growth by building relationships with Goldman Sachs investors and network of investors  

5) Business Development

Explore opportunities to integrate your company’s product or service into relevant Goldman Sachs businesses  


6) Customized Content

Virtual, customized program designed to accelerate growth while allowing founders to maintain focus on what they do best – building their businesses  

Launch With GS Entrepreneur Cohort Alumni

Meet our Entrepreneur Cohort alumni.

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<i>Launch With GS</i> Entrepreneur Cohort Alumni

Launch With GS Advisory Council

The Advisory Council includes leading investors, entrepreneurs and executives who are collaborating with us to narrow investing gaps while driving returns.  

Chris Bennett

Co-Founder and CEO of Wonderschool

Orlan Boston

Global Account Excellence & Innovation Leader and Global Life Sciences Client Service Partner of EY

Melissa Bradley

Founder & General Partner of 1863 Ventures and Co-founder of Ureeka

Caretha Coleman

Chairman of Dignity Community Care

Julia Collins

Founder of Planet FWD

Aaron Holiday

Co-Founder and Managing Partner of 645 Ventures

Charles Hudson

Managing Partner and Founder of Precursor Ventures

Marc Jones

Chairman, President, and CEO of Aeris Communications

Juan Martinez

Vice President & CFO of the Knight Foundation

Nathalie Molina Niño

Managing Director, Known Holdings

Marlon Nichols

Founder and Managing Partner of MaC Venture Capital

Steve Pamon

Independent Director at World Wrestling Entertainment and Former President & COO of Parkwood Entertainment

Miriam Rivera

Co-Founder and Managing Director of Ulu Ventures

Malcolm Robinson

Founder of Montclair Capital Group

Jewel Burks Solomon

Managing Partner of Collab Capital and Head of Google for Startups in the US


Is this an incubator or accelerator?

No, the Launch With GS Entrepreneur Cohort is not an incubator, accelerator or bootcamp. It is a customized experience that provides the best of Goldman Sachs to innovative high growth Black and Latinx entrepreneurs, while they focus on what they do best - building their businesses.  

Why is the Entrepreneur Cohort only for Black and Latinx entrepreneurs?

Launch With GS is our $1 billion investment strategy grounded in our data-driven thesis that diverse teams drive strong returns. In particular, we recognize that Black and Latinx entrepreneurs face significant and unique challenges in raising venture capital. With only 1% of venture dollars going to these teams, it is clear that these ideas are not getting the capital they deserve and need to grow. 

Does Goldman Sachs take equity in exchange for participation?

No. Goldman Sachs does not take equity in exchange for participation.        

How is this different from 10,000 Small Businesses?

Goldman Sachs’ 10,000 Small Businesses program is funded by the Goldman Sachs Foundation and helps small businesses across the United States by providing greater access to a practical business education, pathways to access capital and support services. The program is delivered in various local markets across the country in partnership with community colleges. 

10,000 Small Businesses focuses on small businesses with revenues of over $75,000 and a minimum of two employees. The Launch With GS Entrepreneur Cohort focuses on high growth, tech-enabled companies that need significant capital investment to scale quickly. Click here to learn more about 10,000 Small Businesses

What kind of companies are you looking for?

We are focused on companies that are high growth, tech or tech-enabled across fintech, enterprise software, consumer and healthcare with a Black or Latinx Founder, CEO or President of all genders. We are targeting companies at the seed stage and beyond.

Who will I engage with at Goldman Sachs?

The Cohort will engage with Goldman Sachs investors, operators, investment bankers, equity research analysts, and other experts to help accelerate growth. Entrepreneurs will also have access to the Goldman Sachs network broadly, including the Launch With GS Advisory Council, venture capital investors, industry leaders and advisors, successful founders, and potential clients.  

I have applied to the Entrepreneur Cohort before. Can I apply again?

Yes. We welcome repeat applications.

When can I apply to the Entrepreneur Cohort?

Applications are now closed for the Launch With GS Entrepreneur Cohort. To stay up-to-date with Launch With GS news, including future cohorts, subscribe to our newsletter. 

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