Allison Nathan of Goldman Sachs Research dives into macro developments that are top of mind for investors, executives and policymakers. 

Allison Nathan of Goldman Sachs Research
Allison Nathan of Goldman Sachs Research



04 MAY 2023 Top of Mind

US-China: More Decoupling Ahead?

US-China tensions have been running high for a while, but the US’ downing of a suspected Chinese spy balloon earlier this year, increasingly hostile rhetoric between the two countries, and, most recently, President Biden’s plans to unveil further China investment curbs have again left these tensions—and their investment and industry implications—Top of Mind.

04 APR 2023 Top of Mind

All about bank(panic)s

The recent banking turmoil in the US and Europe seems to have calmed, but whether this stress will resurge, and its implications for growth, monetary policy, and markets—let alone the banking industry itself—is Top of Mind.

24 FEB 2023 Top of Mind

(Japanese) Bonds, Bonds, Bonds

Bond markets have been on a wild ride. After a rally heading into the year, yields have recently risen sharply on better growth and sticky inflation data. The bond story has also been joined by a character not seen in many years: Japan. What lies ahead for global bond markets—and especially JGBs given the impending shift in BoJ leadership—and the implications for other assets and investors’ portfolios is Top of Mind.

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