What Happens When...a Goldman Sachs Research Analyst Explores the Latest in Robotic Technology?

01 APR 2019
TOPIC: Technology Driving Innovation

In 2018, just 3% of all surgeries in the US were done with robotics. But if you ask Goldman Sachs Research analyst Isaac Ro, that figure is likely to rise significantly over the next decade as the technology advances and spreads to new fields of medicine (not to mention new markets abroad). The robotic method, which has the physician take on the role of pilot and direct a surgical robot, can be less invasive, more precise, and in Ro’s eyes, potentially better for patient outcomes. He recently visited one of the world's largest robotic surgery training facilities in Florida to see the technology firsthand and take a crash-course. The latest episode of our video series What Happens When documents the experience, which culminates in Ro performing surgery...on a grape. 


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