U.S. Fiscal Issues

Recent publications, videos and media appearances on critical fiscal issues facing the US:

  • The Next Debt Limit Increase

    Read an analysis by Goldman Sachs Research on the debate over the next debt limit increase in Washington.

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  • Video: U.S. Fiscal Policy Issues

    Alec Phillips, U.S. Political Economist in Global Investment Research at Goldman Sachs, discusses the major fiscal issues confronting policymakers in Washington in the coming months.

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  • The Debt Limit Debate

    Goldman Sachs Research published a report on the debt limit debate in the U.S. Congress.

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    Lloyd Blankfein DealBook Interview

    Lloyd Blankfein discussed the "fiscal cliff", the current state of the financial industry, and the global economy.

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    Economic Implications - “Fiscal Cliff”

    Jan Hatzius, chief economist of Global Investment Research at Goldman Sachs, discusses the economic implications of “fiscal cliff” scenarios.

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  • blankfein-cbs-part2.jpg

    Lloyd Blankfein on CBS Evening News

    In an interview with Scott Pelley on CBS Evening News, Lloyd Blankfein discussed the fiscal cliff and the global economy.

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  • blankfein-placeholder-oped.jpg

    Op-Ed: American Revival

    Lloyd Blankfein on the importance of the US business community and government working together.

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    Roundtable Discussion on CNN

    Lloyd Blankfein joins CEOs Andrew Liveris of Dow Chemical and John Chambers of Cisco Systems for a CEO roundtable with Fareed Zakaria of CNN.

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    Roundtable Discussion on CNN

    Lloyd Blankfein joins a CEO roundtable on Fareed Zakaria's Global Public Square on CNN.

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    Audiocast with Marketplace.org

    Lloyd Blankfein's interview with Jeremy Hobson of Marketplace.org. Morning Report, is available via audiocast

  • Fiscal Cliff Scenarios

    Goldman Sachs' Global Investment Research report: "Fiscal Cliff Scenarios: The Not So Good, the Bad, and the Ugly".

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  • Op-Ed: Investing in the USA

    Op-Ed by Lloyd Blankfein that appeared in Politico.

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