Meet the Women

Luo Jun

Yunnan, China

Ethnic Art Crafts
Ethnic Art Crafts Co., Ltd
partner school
Yunnan University
In the 10,000 Women program, I learned how to operate my business more efficiently, by hiring more staff and delegating some of my responsibilities.

Business Overview

Since I grew up immersed in the family tradition of embroidery, I was inspired to found Ethnic Arts Crafts Co., an embroidering, designing and manufacturing business. My products include hand-made clothes, handbags and crafts with traditional Yi embroidery features. I’m proud that my business is one of the biggest in this industry locally and is the only one with a full production chain from the design phase to sale. In 2013, my product received the UNESCO Award of Excellence for Handicrafts.  


One of the biggest challenges in my business was managing operations in an efficient way. I thought having fewer employees was more efficient, so I was doing a lot of the work in the business. I also wanted to learn how to manage the business finances better to help differentiate my product while keeping the costs low. 


Through the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women program, I learned better financial management skills. Since graduating, I have reduced my company’s daily operational costs significantly by monitoring the cash flow and income statements more closely to ensure that every company expenditure is sound.  My company has achieved over 50% growth in revenue and the number of employees has more than doubled. 

After graduation, I was also able to secure a loan from a local rural credit cooperative to purchase raw materials and to build a new factory.