Meet the Women


Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Corporate Catering
GSA Soluções em Alimentação Ltda
partner school
Fundação Dom Cabral
Today I stand on the shoulders of my courageous mother, and hope my daughter and others will stand on mine.

Business Overview

In 2006, I founded GSA Soluções em Alimentação Ltda, a business that provides catering services to companies. The goal of my business is to provide quality meals with “home cooked flavor” so that my clients feel at home during their breaks and at meal times. 


After facing many challenges, including the bankruptcy of my previous company with a partner, I restarted my company three years ago. My main challenge was to attract my first client and also to improve the company’s infrastructure. The company lacked a warehouse to stock basic raw materials (e.g. rice, bean, oil), required a re-branding, and needed to improve logistics. I also lacked the skills necessary to create and manage a qualified and productive team.


When I joined the 10,000 Women program in 2009, I wanted to re-organize my company’s workflow, prioritize my clients’ needs, and strategize for the future of my company.  I have been able to do all of this, as well as create budgets so that I am prepared to meet financial demands at the end of each year.  I am now able to keep track of costs and cash flow, and have opened a new office to store inventory, allowing me to buy at low costs and stock non-perishable essentials.

In the last 12 months, our client list has grown. We secured three new corporate clients, two of whom are large companies. Today, my company has 10 clients and 40 employees, 34 of whom are women. We serve nearly 2,000 meals every day.

Since graduating, I have increased revenue by 900% and my strategy continues to be targeting clients of all sizes.  I have received excellent feedback from clients and one of them said to me, “Alimex today has something that is more valuable than any technology in the world. You have speed, communication and customer service.”

Personally, I am now able to offer my daughter swimming and ballet lessons. I feel like I am able to buy, within reason, things that every woman wants, and provide a better home for my family.  This is an amazing accomplishment and feeling.

Future Goals

I hope that my company can continue to grow without ever compromising quality.  In the next five years, I expect to gain 10 new clients.