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Monrovia, Liberia

Restaurant Management
Big Treat Bar and Restaurant
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I am so grateful for this training - human resource management, calculating my revenues, business culture, writing a simple business plan — I am so grateful for that.

Business Overview

Big Treat Bar and Restaurant is situated in the heart of Monrovia. Along with everyday dining, Big Treat also provides catering services, wedding planning, and organizes receptions for special occasions. Clients include international banks, NGOs and government institutions. The business has been in operation for over two years.


When I opened Big Treat Restaurant two years ago, I rented a building, trained staff and established what I find to be a very favorable menu.

The business was vulnerable to high staff turnover and cash flow issues in a very competitive market. Because I did not own the building, the restaurant suffered from significant overhead costs.

We had developed a strong client base but knew there were areas to grow, including expansion of the catering business and in establishing long term contracts.


Before I enrolled in the 10,000 Women training program, Big Treat had 10 employees and we were cooking for approximately 25 people per day. After graduating from 10,000 Women, my annual revenue increased nearly eightfold, I hired five additional employees and we now cook for up to 55 people per day!  By  improving the business' record keeping procedures and implementing new strategies for human resource management, I have been able to address one of the key components to success in the hospitality industry: retention of qualified employees.

I learned to write a business plan as well as to prepare and distribute effective marketing materials. I have started marketing all of the restaurant's many services, which has bolstered business.

The training helped me understand that the business' financial situation was actually quite good: I used my savings to build a new restaurant in a more accessible location, hired another 10,000 Women entrepreneur's business to do the design and construction, and terminated an unfavorable lease agreement.

Future Goals

I hope to establish Big Treat restaurants all over Monrovia.

A long term goal is to franchise the business and begin operations outside of Monrovia.