Meet the Alumni

Carla Walker-Miller

Detroit, MI

Energy Efficiency Solutions
Year founded
Walker-Miller Energy Services
Partner College
Wayne State University
Before enrolling in the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program, my company was growing. As a result, my company is going to skyrocket.

Business Overview

Carla’s business provides consultative services to companies seeking to use their energy resources more efficiently. Her team partners with manufacturers to find solutions for clients.


Carla’s biggest challenge is also her biggest joy: finding the right people to help grow her business. She knew she needed to grow her staff to make her business more adaptive and competitive, while maintaining the close-knit, team-oriented culture that made Walker-Miller a success.


Since participating in the program, Carla has hired 60 employees. In one of the company’s biggest successes to date, Walker-Miller Energy Services secured a contract with the City of Detroit to provide LED lighting for major thoroughfares throughout the city.