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Application FAQs

1. When should I apply?

Application deadlines vary by program and region. Please refer to Our Programs page and check with your school’s career services center for specific deadlines.

2. What information should I have ready before applying?

Please refer to our Application Checklist.

3. What format should my CV/resume be in?

• File type of Microsoft Word, Rich Text Format, Text or PDF
• Less than 512KB in size
• Portrait Layout
• Not password protected
• Not saved as read-only

Important: If your CV/resume does not meet these standards, our system will not be able to accept it.

4. For a given program, can I apply to multiple locations/divisions?

Yes. For a given position, you can submit up to three location/division preferences in your application.

Important: Once you have submitted your application you do not have the ability to edit your preferences, you can only go back to edit your personal contact information.

5. I am unable to find a specific location in the drop down box but I know Goldman Sachs has an office in that location?

If you cannot find a location on the ’Position Preference‘ screen, it means there are no current vacancies in that location.

6. Do I have to select a ’sub division’?

Only some divisions have a sub division, if you are unsure of the particular sub division please select ’General‘.

7. Will the number of divisions or locations I apply for affect my chances of selection?

When selecting a division and location please only select what you are actually interested in. The number of division and location combinations you choose does not impact your chance for success; it simply helps us understand what you are interested in but you should be clear as to why you are motivated to apply for different locations/divisions.

8. Should I still apply if I didn’t study business or economics?

Yes – We actively seek to recruit talented people from all academic backgrounds into our university programs and entry level positions. We recommend that you explore our different businesses.

9. Can I apply to a Summer Internship position as well as to a New Analyst/New Associate position?

No, you cannot apply to a Summer Internship position and a New Analyst/New Associate position in the same recruiting season as the Summer Internship is ideally suited to candidates who are in their second or penultimate year whereas the New Analyst/New Associate position is ideally suited to candidates who are in their final year of university.

10. Can I apply to a location for which I currently do not have a work visa?

We cannot advise you on your work eligibility status, but we do not reject any candidate because of his or her need to obtain appropriate work authorization. You are free to apply to any division or region of interest and we will consider your application(s) for the corresponding areas of the firm.

It should be noted that any offer of employment issued will be subject to immigration approval being obtained prior to your start date with us.

11. I need to answer “yes” to one of the Disclosure questions. What does this mean for my application? 

This will not preclude consideration of your application but there are certain regulatory processes which Goldman Sachs needs to perform for people who disclose so we will need to start this process as early as possible.

12. Do I have to complete my application in one session?

No. Prior to submitting you can save information and come back to the application at any time.

Important: Once you have submitted your application you do not have the ability to edit your preferences, you can only go back to edit your personal contact information.

13. Can I edit my application or update my CV/resume in the application after it has been submitted?

No. Once you have submitted the application you will not be able to make any edits except to your personal contact information.

14. When can I expect to hear back regarding the status of my submission?

Most candidates applying to the current recruiting season vacancies will be communicated to in a few weeks after the relevant deadline has passed. To the extent that there is interest in your candidacy, a member of our recruiting team will contact you with more information. You may check the status of your application on the Campus Application System.

15. Can I withdraw my application?

Yes. You can login to your account on the Campus Application System and self-withdraw your application by selecting it from the menu on the left.

Important: Withdrawing your application removes your application from the current year’s recruiting season and you will not be able to re-apply.

If you are having difficulties withdrawing or have questions about modifying your application please contact or the Campus Recruiter working with you.