A first-of-its-kind listing for a first-of-its-kind company

The opportunity
Spotify is the world’s largest global audio streaming platform. But in 2010, when the firm met with founder Daniel Ek in a London coffee shop, the company had yet to launch in the US and faced a competitive landscape and skeptical market. Daniel’s vision was ambitious. Spotify would be a truly global platform, bringing artists and fans together and re-imagining the streaming business from the ground up. To get there, Spotify needed a global partner. That’s where Goldman Sachs stepped in.

How we made it possible
Following that first conversation, Goldman Sachs invested directly in Spotify’s growth. And over the ensuing years, the firm helped Spotify strike deals with important strategic investors in key markets, including an innovative partnership with Tencent, the leading streaming service in China. In 2018, Spotify was ready to go public. Working with Goldman Sachs, Spotify became the first major company to directly list its shares on the New York Stock Exchange, conducting a roadshow noted for its transparency with investors.