Executive Director/Vice President
Equities Algo Coverage Strats

Global Markets, Bengaluru

Joined GS



National Institute of Technology India


Table Tennis, Watching Movies, Family Time

I attended the National Institute of Technology in India where I studied computer science, which was a new and quickly-evolving field, especially in India at the time. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to learn computing and become one of the first to enter the field.

As engineers at Goldman Sachs, we will often be given a problem to solve, but have no constraints in creating our solution. If you are assigned to a project, you fill many roles, from writing the code, to managing your resources and stakeholders, and implementing your timeline. Because of this, I have been able to learn many aspects of software engineering and have also been given autonomy in my projects. I am not assigned any particular language or platform to work with, but instead am allowed flexibility to decide what will work best.

My team, the Strats product engineering team in the Global Markets Division, focuses on the flow of trades through our systems. We seek to automate aspects of the trade certification process and create simpler products for our users. Our goal is to make technology convenient and easy for anyone in the business to use, not just engineers. Recently, I automated  a workflow for client orders which had previously required opening three separate systems.

Business knowledge plays an important role in solving the firm’s engineering problems, particularly for the Global Strats. You have to know a lot about the trading systems, how the exchange works, and how the flows are dependent on algorithms. In my role, I have gained a thorough understanding of the Global Markets Divisions’ processes – I am familiar with all of the systems our client orders pass through before they go to the exchange. My advice to engineers in financial services is to gain a deep understanding of the business. Those who do will find a lot of opportunities coming on their way.

In my spare time, I like to watch movies, play table tennis, and spend time with my 1-year-old! I also like to engage in volunteer activities and give back to the community. Recently, I walked a 50 kilometer trailwalker to raise money for a cause close to me – it was a really rewarding experience.