Managing Director
Japan FICC Sales

Global Markets, Tokyo

“When a deal finally comes to fruition there is a really high level of satisfaction.”

Joined GS



Tokyo, Japan


Keio University


Traveling, Music

I discovered Goldman Sachs while I was a graduate student majoring in bio-technology at Keio University. I was interested in the company but didn’t know much about the financial services industry at the time. I met with several employees of the firm during my job searching process through on campus networking opportunities, and I developed an interest in the principal investment team.

I work on the Strategic Transactions Group within the Global Markets Division in Tokyo. My team’s main responsibility is to source investment and financing opportunities for our internal desks. My role is to match the needs of our clients to the investment appetite of Goldman Sachs and to create deals that will be beneficial for both parties. In my role, I discuss investment themes with clients from financial institutions, trading companies and commercial companies. I enjoy my role because we invest a significant amount of time on each potential deal. When a deal finally comes to fruition there is a really high of level satisfaction.

I participate in the employee Japanese Women’s Network (JWN) and as a co-head have had opportunities to attend meetings with the steering committee and subgroups. The topics that JWN covers with its programming apply equally to both women and men--it is important to be inclusive of all of our employees. I have been pleasantly surprised by how many active members of the network are men. With the support of our sponsors, it is our goal to continue promoting JWN to all employees in our office so that we can continue to broaden its reach. 

I value my informal and formal mentors at Goldman Sachs. In our catch up meetings we talk about the importance of building networks both with my peers as well as with people more junior or more senior than me. I really enjoy when we talk about conceptual matters not connected to my day to day work like leadership and visibility. This opportunity to learn from my mentors within the firm has helped to broaden my vision, gain insight into developing my career successfully and building my brand throughout the firm.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my two-year-old son. Every day he’s learning new things, so playing with him is really fun. When I get the chance, I like to travel on weekends. I’m also a big fan of classical music – I listen to it at home, while I’m relaxing, and I often go to see live concerts.

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