CWM Strategy

Consumer and Wealth Management, New York

“You’re given guidance and mentorship, and there are many opportunities to have a big impact—even as a new team member.”

Joined GS



Dallas, Texas


University of Texas at Dallas
Bachelor's in Finance


Visiting museums, History

Since I was young, I was passionate about finance and focused on pursuing a job in the industry as my career. I studied finance at the University of Texas in Dallas and applied to Goldman Sachs when I graduated.  I always really admired the firm.  In 2019, I joined the Investor Relations team in the Dallas office, and recently moved to the Consumer and Wealth Management Division (CWM) in New York.

Starting in Investor Relations was a great experience. I was part of team that created the firm’s first ever Investor Day and worked with the CFO’s team to help lay out our medium- and long-term performance goals. I helped put it all together in a robust and stylish presentation for our investors and public audience. It was great to have the opportunity to work directly with senior management so early on in my career. After two years in Investor Relations, I wanted to pivot into corporate strategy and development.

The firm’s Early Careers program helped me find the right role. This is a skills-based recruiting model run by the firm’s Human Capital Management team. They were eager to learn more about my skillset, interests and where my career ambitions lie, and then paired me with teams that were looking for the skills I had. It was a tremendous boost in the right direction and led me to my current role within CWM.

I am now a part of the CWM Strategy team. We work with each of the businesses in the Consumer and Wealth Management division to define and execute on strategic priorities and growth opportunities. I lend support across all deal and strategy processes, communicating with business leaders to help determine goals, and crafting presentations of industry insights for senior management. The role aligns with what I’ve always enjoyed doing, which is learning about different things and communicating important ideas to people.

The firm’s culture is open and collaborative. In CWM Strategy, I’ve found that if you have an idea about how the industry will change in five years, or you think you know a way to help customers better their financial wellbeing, then you can express those ideas to management with confidence that they will be heard and considered. You’re given guidance and mentorship, and there are many opportunities to have a big impact, even as a newer team member.

In my free time I enjoy exploring New York and going to museums. Living in New York City gives me the chance to learn about ancient cultures, history, and art. I often visit the Met or the Museum of Natural History where I can enjoy my favorite artwork and be immersed in ancient cultures for hours.