Executive Director/Vice President
Real Estate Strategy

Corporate and Workplace Solutions, Bengaluru

“We’re building a new campus for Goldman Sachs in Bengaluru. It’s the biggest project I’ve worked on so far, as it will span several buildings.”

Joined GS



Chennai, India


New Delhi School of Planning and Architecture


Reading Novels

I was attracted to Goldman Sachs largely by the role itself. Before I joined the firm, I was a senior project manager at a real estate consultancy and had the opportunity to work on a project with Goldman Sachs. It was a positive experience, and I was impressed with how people at the firm are encouraged to voice their opinion, no matter their level or tenure.

As head of the Real Estate Planning team in India, I manage the firm’s offices in Bengaluru and Mumbai. I cover real estate planning, real estate development and environmental social and governance. When I joined, it was a new team that was taking over responsibilities previously managed by the Hong Kong office. Our team develops real estate strategies to support the firm’s growth plan. To properly understand the firm’s needs, I work with many internal groups, including Human Capital Management, Engineering, and senior leadership. I also work with external consultants and architects to lease or design buildings to fit our needs.

We’re building a new campus for Goldman Sachs in Bengaluru. It’s the biggest project I’ve worked on so far, as it will span several buildings. I find it rewarding to navigate complex building projects. Efforts to build or move offices can be a challenge, as they often affect many people across the organization. There are a lot of considerations and decisions that need to be made in the course of a project, and I try to represent everyone’s interests—which requires clear, direct and succinct communications. We’re planning to have the new campus fully built by 2019, and I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone working in the new buildings.

I also work closely with the division’s Environmental Social and Governance team. The team is focused on building and operating highly energy efficient buildings, conserving natural resources by reducing consumption and supporting the community we live in through our various corporate social responsibility initiatives. As a member of the India Corporate Social Responsibility Steering Group and the Armed Forces Interest Forum, I am further able to give back to the community. These platforms have allowed me to develop initiatives that improve infrastructure facilities and experiences for children at government schools.

The culture at Goldman Sachs is transparent and collaborative. I appreciate that I can pick up the phone and talk with anyone in the firm at any level about my projects. When I need to get something done, I can easily speak to my manager or someone in a totally different part of the business or world. Additionally, industry-wide, it is rare to find women working on construction projects, and I am proud to work for a firm that supports me in this role. I hope my position inspires many other women interested in the field.

After my work day is over, I like to relax with a good novel. It’s my favorite pastime, whether I’m at home or on my commute. Last year, I read about 150 books. I like light-hearted books best, but I’ll read anything—especially if it comes as a recommendation.