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Global Markets, Sydney

“When I started, everyone was very helpful in getting me up to speed and easing me into projects.”

Joined GS



Sydney, Australia


University of New South Wales

I discovered Goldman Sachs during law school as my classmates were applying for other roles within the firm. Although I didn’t have a pure computing background, I was interested in technology, so I decided to take the opportunity to apply. In many ways, the skills needed for a career in law are the same as the skills needed for a career in technology: attention to detail, logical reasoning, and creative problem-solving. I was attracted to the breadth and depth of technologies at the firm, and the fast-paced and evolving environment of fintech makes it an exciting industry to be a part of.

I joined Goldman Sachs as a new analyst in 2015. The two months of training in New York with other recent graduates from around the world provided a great chance to build skills for my job, network with colleagues and make some great friends. I chose to work at Goldman Sachs because I wanted a challenging job that would allow me to be creative and impactful. I love that I’m always learning new things and that there is an opportunity to work on a variety of exciting projects. I have learned that not everyone is expected to know all the answers and that it is okay to say ‘I don’t know.’  When I started, everyone was very helpful in getting me up to speed and easing me into projects. Their support helped me build confidence.

My role involves working on front end UI JavaScript development, core back end Java changes, and creating new tools which improve stability and reduce risk for the firm. I am currently working on a web-based framework for developing pricing, risk and booking applications. As this product is used across multiple business units, I often work closely with a variety of teams and offices. There is a broad need across businesses for a streamlined workflow, and this project encourages modularity and reusability.     

The firm provides global opportunities. I’ve traveled to the New York, Tokyo and London offices to connect with colleagues in person. Whichever office I visit in the world, everyone is always friendly, approachable and happy to give their time to help you.

The firm has been very supportive of my career development, allowing me the flexibility to study for a Master’s in Information Technology part time. I’ve been able to work flexibly to get to class on time, and have time off for exams. If I need to be somewhere else for university-related things, my manager is happy to accommodate. 

Outside of work I enjoy skiing, dining out at new restaurants and travelling. My holidays are usually a combination of the three! My favorite destination is Japan, as I love the snow, food and sightseeing.