Private Wealth Management Client Communications

Consumer and Wealth Management, Salt Lake City

“The amount of responsibility engineers are given from the moment they hit the desk is exceptional, as it allows for an acceleration of learning within the organization.”

Joined GS



Igbodo, Nigeria


The University of Texas, Arlington; BS, Biomedical Engineering


Dancing, Meditation, Philanthropy

Growing up, I was always good with numbers, so I enrolled in more math and science classes during my last few years of secondary school. As a result, engineering became my discipline of interest. My parents were constantly supporting my ambition to join the STEM field, and my mother played a large role in mentoring me through the process of applying to universities in the United States. During my time at The University of Texas at Arlington, I studied biomedical engineering and took computer science classes that sparked my passion for the subject.

I was a campus hire recruited through the 2017 National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) National Conference in Kansas City, Missouri. From there, I was offered an internship with Goldman Sachs on the Private Wealth Management Quantum team during the summer of 2017. In that three-month period, our team built an internal productivity tool to enable richer, more user-friendly interaction with the firm’s data platform, Data Lake. The tool allows users to analyze and validate data processing rules before applying them to their datasets. Prior to my project, these rules – written in a domain-specific language – could only be tested by executing them against a dataset. This execution can take up to hours or days to complete, but with the internal productivity tool, users can test their rules via simulation in minutes.

As an associate within the Engineering organization at Goldman Sachs, I currently work on the Private Wealth Management Client Communications team. We have been tasked with building the next-generation platform for the delivery of the firm’s communications to clients, which will support the entire lifecycle of document delivery from systematic document generation, recipient identification, document consolidation and delivery through electronic or paper channels. The platform will also enable business users to create and deliver both one-way and two-way communications.

Currently, my team’s application supports the electronic delivery of communications to clients using micro-services. My project role has been to improve analytics to track requests on our system platform, which included providing an enhanced distributed tracing system that spans across multiple micro services in our system architecture. My next project involves developing the paper delivery functionality of our platform, which requires integration with an external print vendor for distribution of documents. These experiences involved a lot of sprint planning with our business stakeholders and technical system design, making these projects very exciting and excellent learning opportunities.

Goldman Sachs Engineering provides engineers with opportunities to work in a variety of areas, and thus allows us to continue to grow in our profession. Within the first nine months at the firm, I had worked on three teams and projects. Goldman Sachs’ culture of teamwork and mentorship also plays a huge part in my development as an engineer, as people at all levels of are always eager to answer questions and share knowledge. I also work in an environment where the perspectives and opinions of engineers are highly valued.  Specifically in the Salt Lake City office, Engineering teams often participate in game nights and potlucks organized by our ‘SocialBytes’ committee.

Upon joining the firm, I became actively involved in the Salt Lake City New Intern and Analyst Committee (NIC). This organization is a representative body of analysts within the Engineering organization who promote and foster professional relationships amongst new analysts. I am currently the head of the Career Development Pillar, which strives to provide technical training programs and initiatives for new analysts. Early on, I was involved in developing events that would create smooth onboarding experiences for new analysts, and I also kick-started a two-way mentorship program, where new analysts were assigned a mentor from the previous analyst class who could provide a point of contact for technical and non-technical questions as they transitioned to their desk.

Experience is priceless, so expand your learning from the classroom and books to solving real world problems by delivering applicable products. Be sure to constantly look for opportunities that will expose you to as much as the software engineering ecosystem as possible, and strive for continued development of expertise in relevant technologies that you are interested in.

Engineering aside, I am very passionate about social awareness and economic development. I also love dancing because of the freedom it brings me, and meditating to help me improve my focus. I am constantly inspired by people around me, and those who are doing amazing things to inspire me to push myself and be better – both as a person and as an engineer.