Executive Director/Vice President
Regulatory and Analytics

Risk Division, Salt Lake City

“Goldman Sachs has a significant presence in Salt Lake City, where the office is growing. ”

Joined GS



Novi, Michigan


Brigham Young University
Political Science Major; Business Management Minor


Running, Cycling, Music, Being Outdoors

With my degree, I took the path less traveled. I’ve known many PoliSci majors who have gone to law school or started their careers in public policy and government, but I was more interested in finance and business, so I set my sights on Goldman Sachs. I went to a few networking events on campus and introduced myself to the recruiters, which led to an interview. Goldman Sachs has a significant presence in Salt Lake City, where the office is growing—it seemed like a great opportunity to intern for a global financial firm. 

My internship was with the Client Onboarding team in the Operations Division. On my first day of training, I joined many new interns in a room and could sense everyone’s excitement to start their full-time summer assignments. It was a great experience to be in the company of so many driven people with diverse backgrounds and skill sets for those weeks of training. I spent the summer learning as much as possible about what the firm does and where I could fit in longer-term. Six months later, I started as a full-time analyst.

I was hired into the Credit Risk Regulatory and Analytics team, which is a group in the Risk Division. We do a lot of analytical exercises to help manage the firm’s credit risk by organizing, reviewing, and interpreting a broad scope of financial data. Our findings are shared with other groups at the firm, all the way up to the Board of Directors. I’m proud to play a part in helping the firm effectively manage risk.

Salt Lake City is a great place to live and work. Working at our office in Salt Lake City lets me have a Wall Street career while living in one of the best places for outdoor recreation. I have a 20-minute walk to work. On weekends, I can indulge my love of the outdoors by running and cycling. There’s even a canyon just five minutes from my house, which is a unique thing to be able to say.