Executive Director/Vice President
Marcus Agent Platform

Consumer and Wealth Management, Richardson

“As an engineer at Goldman Sachs, your voice carries weight regardless of your title.”

Joined GS



Lamar University
BS in Computer Science
BS in Mathematics
MS in Mathematics


Board Games and Musicals

Growing up, I was always on the computer. Between video games, instant messaging friends, or building and troubleshooting my own PC, I grew very familiar with navigating technology. In high school, I signed up for a computer science class to learn more. This was the first of several “lightbulb” moments that made me realize that I had a passion for technology. From learning basic syntax of the first “Hello World” to building simple algorithms, every step was exhilarating. The thrill of working with the computer to solve interesting problems was the kick-start to my engineering path. 

Now, I work in the Consumer and Investment Management Division on a business line called Marcus. The team I work on builds out the platform that our agents use to service customers and support the all-digital products that Marcus offers. From changing a customer’s address, to disputing a transaction with the Apple Card, and even assisting someone through the personal loan pipeline, my team builds microservices to orchestrate with core systems and provides integrated solutions for these issues. What stands out to me about this group is new-ness of everything -- it has been called a start-up within a 150-year-old firm and it definitely feels so. We have gotten to pioneer a lot of really cool technology all while having no legacy code to support, which has led to countless growth and learning opportunities for me.

I have had the opportunity to help build a platform from almost scratch, working on the new Checking Account platform Marcus plans to launch in the near future. We are focusing on standing up microservices to integrate with vendor partners and downstream core systems, and have also been working towards migrating our services to AWS Cloud-based deployments.

I love the culture at Goldman Sachs. Every single person I have worked with is incredibly talented and hard working. I often say, “You won’t find a slacker at Goldman Sachs.” It is very refreshing to work alongside people who want to be here and work hard with one another. While the work has to get done, I appreciate that the firm promotes a multitude of networking events. I champion the local Richardson Marcus Culture Taskforce, organizing culture events like annual office picnics, game nights, and Diwali potlucks to bring colleagues together and network.

Outside of work, I am an avid board gamer. From 8-player party games to 2-player strategy, I have a game for any setting. I think what makes me enjoy them so much is that board games sit everyone down for just enough time to have fun and tap into a part of the brain that we might not always use.

My advice to new engineers: never sell yourself short and always build your network. You never know who will reach out and give you an opportunity that may just be your dream job.