Ask the Former Interns - Orientation and Training

08 JUN 2016

An internship offers two months to absorb as much as possible, starting with orientation. In the second edition of our six-part advice series, we asked how interns can make the most out of orientation and learning opportunities.

Amy  Finance Division, Salt Lake City

"Take lots of notes during orientation and training. I referenced my notes throughout the whole internship. I even wrote up my own instructions for doing certain things so I could look back easily. Also write down who trains you on different skills – formally and informally – so you remember who to go back to if you have questions."


Arnie  Investment Management Division, New York

"During your internship, remember that a lot of your learning is informal. Have an open mind and ask lots of questions. Think of every day as training."


Elaine  Investment Banking Division, Hong Kong

"Even if you study finance, approach training as if you’re starting from scratch. Coming at it with that mindset will allow you to absorb more and you will develop a deeper understanding of topics you may already be familiar with."


Manetou  Technology Division, London

"When you’re learning technical skills, sometimes it’s hard to see the bigger picture that skill contributes to. Go to as many trainings as you can and, as the summer goes on, you will start making connections and seeing how it all fits together."


Pratik  Compliance Division, Bengaluru

"Orientation is the only time the interns from all divisions throughout the region are together so take advantage of the opportunity to meet people and make friends. Having the support of your peers in navigating your internship is really valuable. There are a lot of training opportunities throughout the summer so ask your team to help guide you as to which ones will be most helpful to your role at the firm."


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