Goldman Sachs Named to “LinkedIn Top Companies 2018: Where India Wants to Work Now” List

28 MAR 2018

LinkedIn has named Goldman Sachs to its “LinkedIn Top Companies 2018: Where India Wants to Work Now” list, a ranking of the top 25 companies in India where most professionals want to work.

The list was announced on March 21st and is based on the actions by LinkedIn’s professionals, of which there are over 47 million in India.

Bunty Bohra, chief executive officer of Goldman Sachs Services in India, in a video interview with LinkedIn India, talked about the uniqueness of the firm, the culture, focus on diversity, philanthropy, and also key engagements and initiatives in India. “Being diverse is not optional, it is what we must be,” says Bunty in the video.

LinkedIn's methodology for creating the list is based on the actions taken by professionals which measure interest in a company’s jobs and people, as well as a company’s ability to retain its employees. This analysis includes companies with over 500 employees and takes into accounts the actions of users in the past 12 months.