How Our Apprentices Are Building Their Futures

03 FEB 2021

The Goldman Sachs Degree Apprenticeship is a four-year programme that provides participants with the opportunity to complete an apprenticeship within Goldman Sachs’ Engineering Division whilst studying for a degree in Computer Science at Queen Mary University, London (QMUL). Last year, the Class of 2016 graduated with first class honours degrees and joined the firm’s Engineering organisation as full-time analysts. To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week, we asked some of the group to share their insights into how the programme has enabled them to build successful careers as software developers. 

“The apprenticeship programme gave me the core skills needed to become a software engineer, take a project through the whole software development lifecycle, and thrive in a technical community. Working as a developer and studying in tandem proved invaluable: I was able to apply the isolated coding concepts I learnt at university to real-world scenarios, as well as use frameworks and concepts deployed at work, such as test-driven development, within my university projects.”

Arinze: “The apprenticeship gave me a platform to cultivate my passion for technology. I found myself contributing to large-scale projects from my first week on the desk, which gave me the confidence to suggest new ideas and solutions to my team. Now six months into my career as a software engineer, that confidence has helped me to hit the ground running in my current team, and subsequently implement technology solutions that have positively impacted thousands of clients.”

“The apprenticeship gave me the structure I needed to learn about the vast topic of software engineering in an effective way. Being surrounded by experienced professionals who were always happy to offer their guidance reassured me that I was learning concepts correctly, and enabled me to develop interpersonal skills that I wouldn’t have gained had I just completed a conventional degree. Without a doubt, the programme has given me a considerable head start in my career.” 

The apprentices are not the only ones to benefit from the programme; engineers across the firm have noted the group’s valuable contributions to the wider Engineering organisation. For Jo Hannaford, head of EMEA Engineering, one of the greatest advantages is being able to learn from the apprentices themselves about the new practices and technologies they are discovering at university that are being implemented across the industry. “Every single apprentice brings with them fresh perspectives and new ideas which empower us to solve technical challenges and continue to innovate. I am excited to see how our first cohort of graduates go on to shape the future of Engineering at Goldman Sachs.”

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