Goldman Sachs Gets #FitForTheFrontLine

Goldman Sachs is proud to be a lead partner of #FitForTheFrontLine, a social media campaign that aims to honor health care workers by asking people to commit to physical and mental wellness activities.

Rich Friedman

Over 20 leading health care institutions are behind #FitForTheFrontLine, which was started to honor and support the critical work these and other organizations are doing to fight COVID-19. With this campaign, people all over the world are encouraged to share their activities—from running to meditating to dancing with the kids—with friends and family, and consider making donations to the health care institution of their choice.

Goldman Sachs’ Rich Friedman, chairman of the Merchant Banking Division, (photo above), created #FitForTheFrontLine in his role as co-chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Mount Sinai Health System. Rich – an avid basketball player – is kicking off the initiative by pledging to make 100 free throws.

Here at Goldman Sachs, we are encouraging all of our people around the world to participate and share their own activities on social media. Check this page again soon for photos and other updates.


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