02 OCT 2017

Advice from Matt Jahansouz, Global Head of Recruiting

Matt Jahansouz, a managing director in our Human Capital Management Division, is the global head of recruiting for Goldman Sachs. Here he shares five pieces of advice:

1) Chase the hard stuff. The difficult projects will stretch you in ways the easy ones won’t. If you want to grow, sometimes you’re going to need to say “yes” to the assignments you want to say “no” to.

2) You can’t over prepare. Don’t assume people who present well do so just because it comes naturally to them. Spend the time to get it right, predict the questions nobody else saw coming, write down your main points and practice them out loud once, twice, three times…

3) It’s okay to be nice. There are times you’ll need to take a tough decision or give difficult feedback. And, it’s important to hold people accountable and push those around you to be their best. But, how you do these things matters. Treat others with respect, care about your colleagues, and choose to be kind.

4) Better to lose with integrity than to win without it. When you find yourself in a tough spot – take the long view. A quick win is never worth compromising your values or your reputation.

5) Keep first things first. Make work a priority and invest real time and energy into your career.  However, don’t let your job overtake everything. You’ll never regret the times you prioritized family and friends. Keep a list of the things you value most and be strict about not compromising on them.