Goldman Sachs Summer Intern Insights

We may not be physically in the office, but our summer interns all over the world are logged in and fully engaged. Through our Summer Intern Insights, we will be periodically checking in with our interns to gather their real time reflections on our virtual summer program. Take a look at what they had to say when we asked them to reflect on their initial reactions: 


Global Markets intern, London

“My first week was better than I ever expected. Even though I was not in the London office as I imagined 6 months ago, I never felt alone and I probably met more people than I would have had the opportunity to meet in person.” 


Global Markets intern, Hong Kong 

“My favorite part of the pre-program was being introduced to the firm’s culture. It is something that lies within every team here. It is something we can genuinely feel every day, even from our remote desk.” 


Investment Banking intern, New York

“From connecting with teams and other interns, to training in various capacities, even though I'm 2,000 miles away from New York and even further from some of my fellow interns, I feel connected and part of the team.” 


Ahead of the summer program, interns attended townhalls with senior leaders and connectivity sessions with other interns that brought them together over shared interests, like books. 


Corporate Treasury intern, Salt Lake City

“I was excited to have opportunities throughout the early summer months to learn about the firm through townhalls and networking events to meet other interns. It was nice to log-on for the first day and see familiar faces that I had already met and spoken with.” 


Engineering intern, Dallas

“I heard from leaders like Asahi Pompey about the 10,000 Small Businesses; which impressed me the most. Everyone so far, has been extremely helpful, supportive and friendly.” 


Corporate and Workplace Solutions intern, Singapore 

”It was easy to tell from the start that Goldman Sachs is a firm that is concerned about making sure that its employees - regardless of seniority - all experience its incredible culture. I particularly enjoyed the sustainable finance townhall as it touched on many themes that are extremely relevant today."


Controllers intern, New York

“From the moment I was notified about my offer to intern at Goldman Sachs, I had eagerly been waiting for the program to start. I attended a number of virtual townhalls and intern connectivity sessions, which only added to my excitement about joining the firm. Hearing David Solomon say that the future leaders of Goldman Sachs are on the call was extremely inspiring.” 


Merchant Banking intern, Jersey City

“The world has changed so much since my interviews. I am honored to join the Urban Investment Group and fulfill the team's double-bottom line mission of equitable economic development. After attending the pre-program townhalls, I am also proud to be a Black woman working for a firm that is addressing racial inequality head-on. In a time of uncertainty, I am grateful for how connected the pre-program emails made me feel.”


Consumer and Investment Management intern, New York

"I participated in the connectivity Book Club session. We enjoyed it so much that we are continuing it and reading a book throughout our internship. I was very excited to read all of the pre-program materials. They showed me I would love the environment here.”  


Global Investment Research intern, New York 

“I was impressed by the welcoming nature and thorough support from all levels of the firm, and it really feels like you are able to connect with anyone. From discussing ways to help out the community during uncertain times through the virtual intern connectivity, to going through financial modeling with my co-interns in breakout rooms, the diverse interest and upbeat energy of everyone I've met never ceases to motivate me.” 


We’ll be checking in with our interns throughout the summer, so stay tuned. In the meantime, our summer 2021 applications are now open. See yourself here, and apply today