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17 Oct 2017

Builders + Innovators Summit 2017

Our sixth annual Builders + Innovators Summit on October 18-20, 2017 brings together emerging and seasoned entrepreneurs from a diverse set of industries. The focus is on building great and enduring companies that reshape their industries and make the world better through innovation. Watch Videos

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21 Jul 2017

Blockchain: The New Technology of Trust

At its core, a blockchain is a transparent and secure record of transactions. Take an interactive tour of how the technology works and start to envision its potential for redefining the nature of everyday transactions. EXPLORE INFOGRAPHIC

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01 Jun 2017

David Robinson: “The Admiral” on Leading from the Front

NBA Hall of Famer and two-time Olympic champion David Robinson shares how his time in the US Naval Academy and career with the San Antonio Spurs shaped his views on leadership and being part of a team in this Talks at GS session. Watch Video

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15 Sep 2016

The Buzzwords You Need to Know

In a series of short videos, economists and analysts from Goldman Sachs Research explain emerging buzzwords and phrases that are important to know in today's economy. Watch Videos

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05 Jul 2016

What If I Told You...

In a special series, Goldman Sachs Research explores emerging trends poised to fundamentally change how we live and work. From disruptive technologies to paradigm-altering social developments, our analysts offer the stories that could be tomorrow’s front page news. Watch Videos

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08 Jun 2016

Euro 2016

Goldman Sachs Research introduces a statistical model for predicting the outcome of the upcoming 2016 European Football Championship to be held in France. Learn More

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16 May 2016

Artisanal Appeal: The Rise of Craft

Craft products are rapidly gaining share across retail categories and forcing established brands to adapt. Goldman Sachs Research’s Judy Hong explains what’s behind the trend and how it’s playing out in spirits and beer. Watch Video

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09 May 2016

Drones - Flying into the Mainstream

Having already made the leap from military to consumer use, drones are headed for industries from construction to cinematography to law enforcement. Goldman Sachs Research’s Noah Poponak explains the $100 billion market opportunity ahead. Watch Video

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26 Apr 2016

Clean Energy: The Future is Here

By 2030, renewables will account for half of the world's energy mix. Learn about the new technologies and financial innovations that are driving this transformation. View Infographic

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15 Mar 2016

What if I Told You... Gen-Z Matters More than Millennials

Christopher Wolf, an analyst in Goldman Sachs Research, explains what's at stake as the youngest US generation starts to enter adulthood. Watch Video

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15 Jan 2016

How I Reset: Goldman Sachs Leaders Share Their Routines

The New Year presents an opportunity to pause, reflect and reset. With this in mind, senior Goldman Sachs leaders across the firm and the globe shared their responses to the same prompt: “Whether it might be a favorite book, a fitness regime, a person you turn to for advice or perhaps a mental practice of reflecting – how do you reset?” Read More

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31 Aug 2015

Investment Banking Co-Head Talks About the Junior Banker Experience

In a recent episode from our podcast, Richard Gnodde, co-CEO of Goldman Sachs International and co-head of our Investment Banking Division, discusses the capital markets in Europe and Asia. In this same interview, Richard also talks about the experience of our junior bankers. Learn More

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25 Mar 2015

Talks at GS - Misty Copeland

Misty Copeland, soloist for American Ballet Theatre, discussed motivation, diversity and breaking barriers at a Talks at GS session. Watch Video

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